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Master Djauxs
Kana マスタージョックス (Masutā Jokkusu)
Role Protagonist/Antagonist
Home World TBA
Weapon Deceiving Glory
"A student cannot surpass his teacher!"
—Master Djauxs right before his first battle

Master Djauxs (Pronounced "Jox") is a character in Kingdom Hearts Academy. He is the Melee instructor, and because of it, he has the power to summon Heartless.



Before Master Djauxs helped found the academy, he tarained his apprentice named Garis.

Time As A Teacher

On the first official day of school, Anubis and Laius enter Master Djauxs' class to find that he is running late. They are shocked to see that Garis are in the class as well. The duo pick a fight a with the protagonists that is soon broken up by the tardy teacher. He acknowledges Anubis and Laius fought in self defense and gives the antagonists detention, which is later revealed to be part of secret training.


Master Djauxs destroys the Academy's Cornerstone of Light which causes hundreds of Heartless to swarm the academy and then summons many more to attack it. He watches Anubis' battle with Laius' Heartless. It is then that Kayla catches up and the two engage him in battle. After he is defeated he gives up his heart to darkness and fights again as his Heartless. After defeat, it is shown that he was a distraction, while his Nobody absorbed the power of Kingdom Hearts and it is inside it that the third battle takes place. When defeated, Master Djauxs' complete being returns with even greater power on behalf of his Nobody. After losing once again, he is about to split again and continue the cycle, however Headmaster Eliezer appears and destroys him before anything could happen. Thus Master Djauxs finally met his end.


Master Djauxs doesn't allow much of himself to be revealed but from what he allows to show is a gentle personality that also portrays some wierdness up until he betrays the academy. After that, he is a cold-hearted man who will stop at nothing to reach his goals.


Master Djauxs has long white hair and wears glasses over his dark green eyes. He wears the standard male uniform: A black shirt and boots, a blue tie and pants and a long white coat.


  • Djauxs' name, minus the X, is an anagram of Judas. In the Bible, Judas was the one who betrayed Jesus.

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