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Master Brendan
Role Protagonist
Home World TBA
Weapon TBA

Master Brendan is a character in Kingdom Hearts Academy. He is the World Exploration instructor.


Master Brendan is introduced in the story at the time when the trio enter his class on the first official day of school. A week goes by and Master Brendan takes the World Exploration classes to Destiny Islands. Here he brings up the legend of the Paopu Fruit. Later when he summons the door to the Omnis Room, he proceeds to take head count. When he questions the absence of the trio, Garis replies that they already went through. When Master Brendan realizes that three are still on the island, he returns and saves them from Heartless. He explains to the team that Garis had him believe they already went through the door as he was gathering the rest of the class. He then takes the trio back to the academy.


Master Brendan is overall carefree. He takes nothing seriously and sometimes goes into a daze.


Master Brendan has short, slightly spiky dark brown hair with eyes the same color. He wears the standard male uniform: A black shirt and boots, a blue tie and pants and a long white coat.


  • Saint Brendan was an Irish monk who explored the world.

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