Master Axen
Master Axen.png
Kana マスターアクセン (Masutā Akusen}
Type Somebody
Role Keyblade Master
Home World Land of Departure
Family Terra (son)
Weapon Keyblade (Gaia Bane)
Attribute Earth
Status Dead

Master Axen is a Keyblade Master in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening. He is the father of Terra.


Swarm of Chaos

Master Axen is the mentor of Lexaln Siurt, Dante Saxon, and Occidere Way. He was their master and taught them the ways of vanquishing Heartless.

After the trio track down the source of the Heartless infestation to the Netherworld and go to stop it, the Heartless continue swarming. They invade the Land of Departure, and Axen manages to hold off most of the forces, along with many other Keyblade Warriors. Many lives are lost and even more are wounded, and by the time Lexaln and his peers return, Axen is fatally wounded, battling a huge Heartless. He slays it, but dies in Lexaln's arms from his wounds.


Axen has a striking resemblance to his son. He has gray hair, a black, tight shirt, white straps, a brown sash with a red belt, and black pants. His style is almost mirrored by his son, due to Terra's admiration to his father. He has the same Keyblade armor as Terra, considering he did, in fact, pass it on to his son.


Axen is a very benevolent, wise man. He is very smart, and prefers to keep with the people he knows. He is happy to help, but prefers to keep to himself.

Powers and Abilities


Axen, as a Keyblade Master, is quite skilled with his weapon. He can use his element, Earth, to a great extent, in conjunction with a series of long ranged and close quarter attacks.

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Axen's Keyblade is the same one wielded by his son many years later. It is passed on to him.

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