Master's Sorrow
(マスターの悲しみ Masutā no kanashimi)
"The blade left behind by Master Axen's pent-up feelings.
His sorrow and anger can be felt with each stroke."
Strength Magic
+15 +16
Allen Trius
Defeat Axen Remnant.

Master's Sorrow is a weapon used by Allen Trius in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening. It is obtained after defeating the Axen Remnant.


The Master's Sorrow has a smooth, cylindrical, grey shaft that tapers outward at both ends. It has a boxy guard, made up of two small, light grey boxes and copper rod. The base of the guard connects to the grip, and both sport several small indentations lining them. The grip itself is somewhat unique in that, while most Keyblade grips are cylindrical, the Master's Sorrow's grip is squared. The teeth are in the shape of an "E". Its Keychain is made of several simple chain links and its token is the Mark of Mastery symbol that appears on Eraqus', Master Axen's, and Terra's clothing.

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  • The Master's Sorrow is basically an Awakening version of the Master Keeper.

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