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Type Human
Role Protagonist
Home World Castle Oblivion
Weapon Staff
Attribute Earth
Status Alive

Mason is a former monk and the oldest member of the wit gang, he considers himself the caretaker and guiding voice of the group.

fighting style

His weapon the staff causes most foes to assume that he is a magic user and while he is somewhat competent in the arcane arts his suppressed lust for violence comes rushing forward in combat as an eager and powerful melee fighter. He chose the staff because it has excellent range, balance, and speed, while his own strength can supply it with pure damage dealing capabilities. His combo includes various downward strikes that hit the earth and create a very small shock wave that dose splash damage. his combo finisher usually involves either tossing a boulder or creating a larger quake wave.


His magic attacks are all earth based but have the properties of other elements to them.

  • Quake wave- the generic earth spell. creates an expanding ring of damage.
  • Meteo- Summouns a blazing boulder from the heavens to strike down his foes with explosive fire damage.
  • Morain- A super fast mini glacier is sumound to bury his foes.
  • Sandstorm- causes dust and sand to rip apart his enemies and send them airborne.

back story

For a good part of his life Mason was a petty thug who preyed on helpless travelers. One day after being defeated by a monk he came to know humility and sought further wisdom from them. He lived with them for about 15 years, training his body both physically and mentally. The monks divined that he had communion with the earth and that he could manipulate the ground he learned a fighting style to utilize this. however during one of his practice battles he was defeated and his rage unleashed he gravely injured his opponent. After the incident he was told to meditate beneath a waterfall for 5 days, and then he was to leave them forever.

He wandered for some time until he found a group of orphaned children. hoping that they would not lead the same life he did he took them under his wing hoping to keep them on a righteous path.


He used to have anger management issues however he has since learned to control these. His normal face makes him look disappointed. He is generally calm, he believes greatly in finding inner strength and power. the other members of the wit gang have awakened an almost paternal instinct within him.

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