Marshall Murdock
Origin Rambo: First Blood Part II (1985)
Type Somebody
Role Supporting Character, Villain
Home World Rambo Universe
Status Alive
Marshall Murdock is a U.S. bureaucrat who double crossed Rambo in Vietnam.


Marshall Murdock is introduced to Sora's group at a command base. Murdock briefs them and Rambo on American P.O.W.s in Vietnam and he gives a big advice, not to engage the enemy. They were also to photograph the prisoners and not save them. In Vietnam, Rambo and his allies ignore the order and rescue a P.O.W. from crucifixion. Although the escape goes at planned, their extraction is called off by Murdock and operator Banks takes the chopper away. In captivity, Rambo warns Murdock he will get him then makes his escape with Sora and the others. Trautman argues with Murdock about the abortion and a big mistake the Marshall made. With the rescue complete, Rambo and Sora tear down Murdock's base. Murdock explains that it was to be another assignment and Rambo warns him that there are more prisoners out there in Vietnam, and that the bureaucrat is to rescue the prisoners. Murdock is presumed convinced on this.

In the end credits sequence, Murdock arranges for rescue missions for the other P.O.W.s in Vietnam.


  • Under no circumstances are you to engage the enemy.
  • I say again, abort the mission!
  • I'm glad your alive John. Give us your position and we'll send a helicopter to pick you up.
  • You had better not make the mistake of bringing the subject up again!
    • Trautman:You're the one who made the mistake Murdock.
    • Murdock:Yeah? What mistake?
    • Trautman:Rambo. (Murdock's big mistake from Trautman)
  • Rambo, I swear to God, I didn't know it was supposed to happen like this. It was just supposed to be another assignment!

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