Name Marluxia
Number VII
Title Graceful Assassin
Original Name ????
Home World ????
Role Villain
Weapon Full Bloom (Scythe)
Element Flower
Magic Gale of Severance
Flower Storm
Petal Blade
Abilities Deathscythe
Drop Shot
Petal Clones
Whirlwind to the Void
Limit Breaks Bloom-Out
Blossom Shower
Circle Reject
Omni Laser
Drives Seraph
Status Resurrected
"To a world without Darkness!"
—Marluxia, proposing a toast.
"To lose and find anew, or to find anew only to lose... That is the way of Castle Oblivion."
—Marluxia, describing his "home".

Marluxia is a former member of Organization XIII who was resurrected by Telmuci'ixa. He wields a massive scythe named Full Bloom, and is the second strongest of the former Organization XIII members, tied with Xemnas. He is the sixth strongest overall, after Xolduc, Thraxganb, Juxak, Zolgbex, and Roxian.


When the Midnight Syndicate was being formed, Xolduc decided that the more powerful members of Organization XIII could be candidates for membership. The leader, Xemnas, first came to mind, and Telmuci'ixa resurrected him. However, in order to balance out the Guide to the Interstice, Xolduc needed another member powerful enough to keep Xemnas in line, and who hated him enough to do so.

And of course, the only member of Organization XIII who met both of those standards was Marluxia.

Time in the Syndicate

While in the Syndicate, Marluxia made it a point never to get on Xolduc's bad side, and also to respect all of his co-workers (barring Xemnas and Saix), which in turn made him someone that pretty much everyone was willing to work with.

Having learned his lesson from Sora, Marluxia is one of the honorable members of the Syndicate, alongside Zexion, Thraxganb, Zolgbex, and Roxian.

Syndicate War

During the Syndicate War, Marluxia betrayed the Syndicate and fought alongside Thraxganb, Zolgbex, Xertra, Zexion, Roxian, and Damage, Inc.


Marluxia controls the element of Flower, and thus has an affinity for plants, although he prefers roses of varying colors. He can use flower petals for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Shuriken (throwing weapons)
  • A focal point for energy attacks such as shockwaves
  • And even create physical duplicates or "Petal Clones" of himself.

See also: Marluxia (Nightverse)/Abilities.

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