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Alias The Red Plumber
Type Human
Role Emissary Slave, Plumber
Age 17
Home World Subspace Emissary
Weapon Fire
Status Unknown

Mario is a main character of the Super Mario Bros. saga and ally in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening, and comes along to help Allen on stopping Tabuu from helping to enslave the universe.


Mario was born in the Big Pipe City world, before being kidnapped as a child by Boshi.

He was raised by Yoshi's in the Great Egg Kingdom world, but he left for the Mushroom Hole when he was a teenager to follow his dream of being able to conduct fire from his fingertips and jump off of objects very easily.


Mario has on a red shirt, blue overalls, brown boots, white gloves, and a red cap. He has brown hair, a big nose, and a mustache.


Mario is a very cheerful, happy person. He enjoys helping people and is very jolly.

Powers and Abilities


Mario has the uncanny ability to throw fire. He can throw fireballs, conduct fire from his fingertips, and even burn things with a touch. He is very small, and can jump off of objects very easily.


  • It's a-me, Mario!
  • Oh, no! We-a can't let this happen!!

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