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Manhattan (New York)
Origin Gargoyles
Stories Kingdom Hearts 3: Legacy of the Keyblade
Theme Music Gargoyles Theme Song
Battle Music Macbeth Fighting Theme
Party Member Goliath or Brooklyn



Wyvern Castle; Skyscraper




Manhattan Clan/Wyvern Clan

  • Hudson - The elder, and former leader of the clan; now the advisor. He is named after the river called the Hudson.
  • Broadway - Is good-natured and he is named after the street called Broadway. Dislikes: Guns and Likes: Old Movies
  • Lexington - He is the smallest of the clan and a hi-tech wizard; named after Lexington Avenue. Dislikes: The Pack (but reconciled with Fox) and Likes: Machine Tech
  • Brooklyn - He is the second-in-command with a somewhat sarcastic and impetuous attitude but a knack for strategy. He is named after the Brooklyn Bridge. Dislikes: Demona and Likes: Adrianna Larson
  • Angela - She is the daughter of Goliath and Demona. She was born in medieval Scotland and raised on Avalon.She is named Angela because of angelic nature.
  • Bronx - Dog-like gargoyle beast; he is named after the New York borough.


  • Elisa Maza - She is a NYPD' detective', friend of the Gargoyles.
  • Matt Bluestone - He is a NYPD detective and Elisa's partner, and a former FBI agent.


  • Demona - She was once the sceond-in-command and Goliath's angel of the night. Now, she has become their enemy.
  • Owen Burnett - David's secratary.
  • David Xanatos - He is the gargoles enemy.


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