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Mango Sentinel
Mango Sentinel.png
Origin Marvel VS Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes (2000)
Alias Mango
Type Robot
Role Ally
Family Storm (Close Friend), Magneto (Frenemy), Deadpool (Creator)
Weapon Rocket Punch, Projectiles
Status Alive
English Voice Jim Ward

The Mango Sentinel is a semi-original character created for Superhero Keyblade Wars. He made his first appearance in Marvel VS Capcom 2 as an alternate skin for the regular Sentinel, and became popular among fans when he appeared in the "MAHVEL Baybee!" viral video broadcast on Youtube in December 2007. Unlike the other Sentinels, Mango is a good, X-Men allied robot created by Deadpool to help Sora win the Superhero Keyblade War. Mango talks internet-slang, using words like "noob" and "pwned" in his vocabulary.

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