Kana マンディ (Mandy)
Type Human
Role Ally
Home World Endsville
Weapon Physical
Status Alive

Mandy is a character of The Grim Adventures of Kingdom Hearts. Mandy is a girl who lives in Endsville, is very cruel and merciless.

She first appeared in the show Grim & Evil, and later in the TV series The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy.

Journal Entries

The Grim Adventures of Kingdom Hearts

Mandy is Billy's closest friend. Almost always angry, she hardly ever smiles, and usually gets what she wants by being scary. A powerful darkness is reposing in her heart.

She appeared by first time in "Grim & Evil" (2001)


The Grim Adventures of Kingdom Hearts

When Sora arrives Endsville, Mandy asks him for having come from another world. When Billy appears with Shawdy, Mandy tells him that his new pet is a aggresive Heartless, but Billy ignores her comment.

After the attack of heartless, Mandy follows Shawdy and other heartless when they steal the Grim's scythe. When Skarr is prepared to fight, Mandy join forces with Sora and they defeat the evil general.

Finally, the night after the Sora's departure, Mandy goes to the basement of her home, where she has captured Shawdy to experiment with him and create her own army of Heartless...

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