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Mammoth Dinozord
Mammoth dinozord by chipmunkraccoon2-d8ogt40.jpg
Kana 守護獣ジューマンモス
Romaji Shugojū JūManmosu
Japanese Guardian Beast ZyuMammoth
Origin Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger)
Original Name Mastodon Dinozord
Type Mammoth/Mecha
Role Summon
Home World Arendelle
Attribute Ice
English Voice Beau Billingslea
Japanese Voice Hiroomi Sugino

Mammoth Dinozord is the Dinozord of Ice piloted by Zack Taylor (Black Ranger). He was originally known as Mastodon Dinozord in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. As Alvin uses the Iceglisten Gem to summon him, Simon joins in the battlefield.


Mammoth Dinozord's heart of pure light allowed him to be preserved in the form of the Iceglisten Gem. Elsa the Snow Queen has been keeping the Iceglisten hidden in her Ice Palace until Alvin finds it for Simon.


When Mammoth Dinozord is summoned with the power of ice, he emerges from a glacier in Arendelle. He can blow glacial gas called Mammoth Blizzard (モスブリザード, Mosu Burizado, "Moth Blizzard") of -200°C from his trunk to freeze his enemies.


Action Quotes

  • "Power of Ice! Mammoth Dinozord!"
    upon being summoned
  • "Mammoth Blizzard!"
    when using Mammoth Blizzard



  • Queen Elsa's possession of Mammoth Dinozord's summon gem is a reference to one of the snowflake hairpins she wears in Frozen.