Mallorie Cobb
Origin Inception
Alias Mal
Type Human
Home World Land of Dreams
Family Dom Cobb (Husband)
Weapon Guns
Status Dead

Mallorie Cobb is a main character of Inception series and antagonist in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening, and comes along to try to persuade her husband, Dom Cobb, to let the Land of Dreams die.



Before Allen comes to the Land of Dreams, Cobb had a wife, Mallorie Cobb. She died in a car accident.

Darkness of the Truth

Mal isn't introduced until halfway through the Land of Dreams. she appears when the water starts to suck up the enviornment, and she seduces Cobb to come in the vortex.

She then meets Allen and Dom in a bridge overlooking complete darkness and a single keyhole in the void. She tries to persuade Dom to take Allen and fall to his doom in the void, that they could be together again. When he refuses, knowing she isn't real, she goes into a fury, starting to destroy the last piece of the planet itself. Dom realizes that the world will die if he doesn't stop Mallorie; and he gives his life to subdue her as Allen seals the Keyhole, restoring the world.


Mallorie appears as a normal human, but it is eventually revealed that she is just a figment of Dom's guilt and misery without his wife.


Mallorie was a nice, lovable woman, but after her spirit being resurrected by Dom's misery, she is turned into an evil witch hoping to destroy all.

Powers and Abilities


Mallorie uses the same gun as Dom; just more proof that she is really from him.


For more information, see Mallorie Cobb (Boss).

Mallorie is fought as the final world boss in the Land of Dreams.


  • Come with me... We can be together, again...
  • Let them die! All you need.. All you want, is me...
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