Origin [Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of The Past]]
Alias Hag (By Sora)

Mistress of Evil

Type Kage-Shin


Role Antagonist
Age Unknown
Home World Unknown
Family None
Weapon Staff
Attribute Darkness
Status Alive
Maleficent was once the primary antagonist of the first two Kingfrom Hearts. In Kingdom Hearts: Shadows of The Past, her origins are revealed as a Kage-Shin and one of the leading generals in the past, but in truth she plotted an attempt to defeat the Shadow Emperor in the past.


Maleficiant is a tall female with long black robes and puple beneath them, her skin is pale green with two black horns sprouting out from the top of her head. Seen carrying a staff with a green orb on top. 



Keyblade War

At some point she was one of Valdrann's trusted generals and loyaled advisers, knowing more about Kingdom Heart's power that her master so keen to conquer she began to secretly plot an attempt to defeat the Shadow Emperor and take his place to rule the Dark Empire in his place until another general known as Karas took the chance before she could succeed. Believing her former master defeated and many Heartless defeated she chosed exile to sruvive and regain her strength to continue her plans for conquests.

In the past she almost succeeded in ruling the Enchanted Dominion until the intervention of the Keyblade Bearers and forced to flee with whatever; not only to discover that the Keyblades still exist, but also a new source of power to rebuilt the Dark Empire as it's ruler; the seven hearts of light. Survived the battle left Enchanted Dominion before anyone could learn of her origin but during her travels she freed Pete from his prison in return for her services and one of the surviving Kage-ShinXanobass and formed an alliance with him to carry her plot.

Shadows of the Past

After a few years after the events with Organization XIII, Maleficent prepared to for her invasion schemes when she received word that the Shadow Emperor is freed, believing he would come for her if he learnt about her plot to overthrow him in the past. His forces had summoned her, surprised that he allowed her to be one of his accolytes once again but knowing it is an excuse to keep an eye on her. Learnt about the alliance between Valdrann and the Galactic Empire, she discovered from her minion Pete and Xanobass' spies about the Nephilem prophecy.


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