Evil Fairy Maleficent
Maleficent KHREC.png
Kana マレフィセント
Romaji Marefisento
Origin The Sleeping Beauty
Original Name Maleficent
Type Sorceress
Role Villain/Enemy
Gender Female
Alignment Bad
Home World Enchanted Dominion
Other residences La Cité des Cloches/The Dark Realm/City Of Corona/Nightmare Before Christmas
Family None
Weapon Staf
Attribute Darkness, Fire
English Voice Susanne Blakeslee
Japanese Voice Toshiko Sawada

Maleficent is a character who is originally from Sleeping Beauty, and is also the main antagonist of the game.

In KH: ITHOTCR, now KH: JTTCR, she is the best friend of Sorceress Ultimecia and Cloud of Darkness, making them treacherous trio. She orders Gilgamesh's plans to kidnap the new princess of heart. She also inquires the most of Final Fantasy villains to inquire the black boxes, not only just the Disney villains. She calls Golbez, Jecht and Kuja traitors who defected to the good side or died a redeeming, honorable death. Both Maleficent and Sorceress Ultimecia are both responsible for fusing Corridor of Darkness and Time Compression combination: The Universal Time Deompression Of Eternal Darkness, thus recruiting Warriors of Spiritus and Chaos, meaning it would be Spiritual Chaos. Both Maleficent and Sorceress Ultimecia, along with Cloud of Darkness are responsible for swallowing and destroying previous Disney Worlds and time compression to seal away access for adventurers, and creating Warriors of Spiritual Chaos, along with Chaos and Spiritus. It's clear that she is not pure evil like Kefka, Master Xehanort, Emperor Mateus.

She travels in Disney Worlds, along with Pete, Gilgamesh, Cloud of Darkness, Ultimecia and Tiara Damage.

It is implied that Sorceress Ultimecia possessed Maleficent, gaining her more sorceress powers, making Pete as her new Knight.


As opposite of Three Good Fairies, Maleficent has unlimited energy and arsenal of powerful magic of dark and evil energies. She calls Sorceress Ultimecia to assist her. She channels spirit and chaos from Spiritus and Chaos themselves. She duels Yen Sid in Starlight Coliseum with Lumene and Umbrae, and with Fulmen.


  • "You are one of us now." (To Sorceress Ultimecia)
  • "Where are the Black boxes?"
  • "Gilgamesh! Find these fools!" (to Gilgamesh)
  • "My loyal ones!" (to Kefka Palazzo and Emperor Mateus)
  • Lumene come to me! (to Lumene)
  • From Lumene: I will not, at least my student will challenge you. No matter how evil you are.
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