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Maleficent DEcoded
Kana マレフィセント (Marefisento)
Role Antagonist
Home World Enchanted Dominion

Maleficent is a recurring antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts series. Appearing once again in Kingdom Hearts DE:coded, she is responsible for the takeover of Disney Castle and the chaos resulting in tampering with the contents of Jiminy's Journal. Waging a desperate struggle to destroy the Data versions of Kairi, Riku, and Sora created by the Journal as they restore peace to the data worlds and undo the witch's damage, she faces her final demise in the end.


Kingdom Hearts (DE:coded)





  • Maleficent was not originally going to have such a large role in Kingdom Hearts DE:coded, let alone an appearance. However, she was brought back via DE:coded's creators' love of the classic villain, the creators wishing to show just how evil Maleficent can really be through the events of DE:coded.

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