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Malaria and Ramania are a former human duo who are bosses in Aura Of Time.


Malaria and Raminia are typically easy bosses due to Malaria's tiring out and Ramania's 1 second rule.

Malaria and Ramania will split up and hide. Malaria will hide under tree stumps and Ramania will hide in manholes. Whacking the hiding spot will hurt them and without health left, that character will start its second phase and attack you.

Malaria will use water based attacks while Ramania will use fire based attacks. Malaria will throw water clones of Ramania in front of you while the actual Ramania will appear up from manholes and shoot a wave of fire at you. You can easily beat Malaria by waiting until she is tired and stops attacking. Its hard to beat Ramania because he never gets tired and after every second, he fires a flaming mini boulder at you. If you attack at the right time, you can beat Ramania.


When Malaria tires out, she regenerates health if she lost any.

When Malaria makes clones, she can make clones of her brother and (Rarely) herself.

Ramania will get tired after every 2 minuites, but you can also tire him out by jumping on the manhole he hides in, which will cause him to be in a daze.

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