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Majin Getter.jpg
Kana マジンゲッター
Romaji Majin Getta
Origin OC by GokaiWhite
Alias Mazin Getter
The Godslayer
Daemonis Rex Machinus (abbreviated as "DRM")
Type Unknown; physical form is robotic
Role Unknown
Age Ageless
Gender Genderless
Alignment Heroic Neutral, believed by many to be Neutral or Evil Neutral
Home World Unknown
Other residences Quadratum (rumored place of creation)
Family unnamed creators (deceased)
Weapon Shin Dragonslayer
Attribute Getter Rays, Twilight
Status Immortal (assuming it actually exists)

Majin Getter (マジンゲッター), dubbed "Daemonis Rex Machinus" by it's creators, is a mysterious, yet obscenely powerful robot which seems to have been made for the purpose of felling gods who've been blinded by power and become just as evil or worse than whatever malevolent forces they despise and seek to destroy at all costs.


Despite there being little, if any credible evidence the robot existed, or still does, Majin Getter is believed to have been created in Quadratum's ancient history, and, in addition to the fabled Getter Rays of Getter Robo lore, Majin Getter is fueled by the memories (and maybe even the hearts/souls) of those wronged in the name of self-preserving, fatalistic divine beings and their servants who, in their selfishness and hypocrisy, destroyed so many lives either because cruel fate "demands it" or simply because they view themselves as above the very morals and laws of nature they ironically enforce[1], making Majin Getter alive, in a way. To keep it from being corrupted in any way by those who stray from the cause of true justice, the tribunal that created Majin Getter let themselves be assimilated by it.

Majin Getter is immune to nearly all the laws of the universe, is not above breaking them to save or resurrect those loyal to the cause of peace and true justice, including those who do likewise with selfless intentions, and it is absolutely merciless towards the most destructive and malicious of deities whose behaviors border on the mentality of false messiahs, ruthless militarists, or mass murderous war criminals.

Majin Getter mainly "communicates" in what is heard as growling or rumbling noises, but it can speak normally on a mental capacity to only those it finds worthy to fight with.


Majin Getter strongly resembles a black Shin Getter Robo, but with some design elements of Ansem's Guardian and Mazinkaiser, including glowing lights on it's horns like the "veins" on the former, and latter's mouthpiece and some of the yellow/yellowish-gold details on the hands, ankles, shoulders and chest. The twelve "feathers" on its Mazinkaiser SKL-esque wings are actually copies of classic Mazinkaiser's Kaiser Blade.

One may assume Majin Getter was designed like a Devil-God on purpose, to be a symbolic mirror reflection of the inner ugliness of entities such as Tyrannus DracoRex who veil themselves in false righteousness; when they see Majin Getter, they come face to face with their inner darkness as they finally reap the consequences thereof. The great demon king Chernabog may or may not have been on Majin Getter's creators' minds when they were designing it.

Musical Theme

Majin Getter's theme is "Daemonis Rex Machinus" an enhanced, epic fantasy-style arrangement of Yuusou (勇壮 Bravery, or Heroism), a BGM from Getter Robo Armageddon commonly connoting to Shin Getter Robo's "Stoner Sunshine" attack[2], as originally composed by Yasunori Iwasaki.


Majin Getter's name is taken from Mazinkaiser, and Shin Getter Robo, tying into it's appearance being a cross between the two.

It's ancient name(also the name of it's leitmotif) is comprised of the latin words for "demon", "king", and "machine", giving it several meanings like "demon king machine" or "king of demonic machines", and also making it a pun on "Deus ex Machina"(god from the machine).


  • MajinGetter may be a re-conceptualized Majin Tyrant, possibly to be presented as, ironically, on the heroes' side, (or at the very least,) siding only with those who preserve harmony in the universe in a more responsible manner, compared to the extremism and moral grayness exhibited by beings like Shinryu.
    • According to ancient legends, Majin Getter knows about Bahamut and Shinryu, as well as how they both selfishly competed for the Throne of the Gods. It despises both (god-)dragons for their abuses of power and their strict adherence to their respective "Protection through Oppression" and "Salvation through Annihilation" philosophies at the expense of an uncountable number of mortals[3] throughout the ages. It has even declared some of those who blindly accept the dragons' horrific actions and carry out their demented wishes as enemies of the universe.
  • It is unclear if Majin Getter's creators were Keyblade Warriors/Masters, or at least allies of the Keyblade Warriors' Guild, though they certainly programmed it to take the side of anyone who desires for good to triumph over evil, despite the robot's demonic appearance.
  • It's method of communication sounds similar to Cthulhu in South Park, making it possible for Majin Getter to understand the Outer God.
    • Due to also being immortal, Majin Getter can defeat, or even kill Cthulhu.
  • The black Sentinel Riobot Shin Getter 1 figure is the primary basis for Majin Getter's overall design. Some aspects of the black EX Gokin Shin Getter 1 are also taken into consideration.
  • Despite the apex of Majin Getter's power possibly being on par with the Getter Emperor, GokaiWhite does not wish to prove one superior to the other. But Majin Getter is supposedly at least as powerful as Shin Getter Robo was depicted in the manga.
  • If Majin Getter did originate from Quadratum, then it's possible the robot itself may actually be created as the physical body of an ancient god from whatever religion the citizens practice. Assuming that is the case, Majin Getter's appearance may be explained by Quadratum's people being aware of the world where some version of the Getter Robo Saga takes place and using Shin Getter Robo as their inspiration.