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Maiden's Wrath
(乙女の怒り Otome no ikari)
"A Keyblade forged of the purest Light"
Strength Magic
?? ??
Enhances Physical and Magical Abilities
Chapter 3

Maiden's Wrath is Hikari's Keyblade in Darkness and Light.


Maiden's Wrath is a simple Keyblade. The hand guard is a pair of white wings with a bluish tint at the tip that wrap around the handle which is also white. The blade is pure white with a gental reverse S-curve that has a slight indent at the tip for the teeth. The teeth themselves are in the form of a golden crescent moon. The keychain is in the form of a pair of angel wings.

Over all it resembles a white Star Seeker with several minor alterations.


Maiden's Wrath was so named because it is wielded by Hikari, a girl with a pure heart, and because it expresses her anger at the world.

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