Magi King
Magi King ~ Titan Megazord
Origin Mahou Sentai Magiranger (2005)
Alias Titan Megazord
Type Robot / Magi Majin
Role Summon
Home World Earth
Other residences Magitopia
Weapon King Calibur
Attribute Fire, Thunder, Earth, Water, Wind
Status Active
Magi King is the Magirangers' main giant robot. As is the case with Muteki Shogun, The Magirangers transform into the Magi Majin, which combine into Magi King as the Magirangers revert back to their ranger forms to control it like a traditional mecha.


  • Magi Phoenix- Magi Red's Magi Majin (form), which forms Magi King's torso. It wields a sword.
  • Magi Garuda- Magi Yellow's Magi Majin (form), which forms Magi King's back and wings, and Magi Dragon's wings and neck.
  • Magi Taurus- Magi Green's Magi Majin (form), which forms Magi King's body and arms, and Magi Dragon's arms, legs, and body. It wields an axe.
  • Magi Mermaid- Magi Blue's Magi Majin (form), which forms Magi King's forelegs and feet, and Magi Dragon's tail. It wields a trident.
  • Magi Fairy- Magi Pink's Magi Majin (form), which forms Magi King's mid-torso, and Magi Dragon's head. It also transforms into a ball to be kicked at enemies.

Magi Dragon

Four of the Magi Majin can combine into Magi Dragon, which Magi Phoenix can ride upon, wielding a weapon combined from its sword and Magi Mermaid's trident. Magi Phoenix can also jump off and transform into Magi Firebird while Magi Dragon changes into Magi Lion.

Magi Dragon ~ Mystic Dragonzord

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