MaJuuJin Maximus
Kana 魔獣神
Origin Superhero Keyblade Wars
Type Robot
Role Villain
Weapon Saima Kiba (Calamity Demon Tooth)
Attribute Darkness, Occult, Minus Energy
Status Destroyed
English Voice Andrew Chandler
Japanese Voice Katsuyuki Konishi
MaJuuJin Maximus is one of the Demonizer Eight Generals in Superhero Keyblade Wars. Majuujin (魔獣神, lit. "Demon Beast God") is an expert on dark magic and the occult who conducts terrible experiments on his demonic beastmen to suit his orders to spread fear and terror throughout the universe.

He was destroyed by GingaiOh, Magi King, and ShinkenOh.

MaJuuJin Maximus


Using the long abandoned Psyma Paradico as his base of operations, Majuujin organizes a massive attack on Asgard to defeat Odin.


Majuujin is a ruthless fear-monger who uses religious fanaticism, violence, and intimidation to get what he wants. He deems love, empathy, and forgiveness to be highly blasphemous to his diabolical rhetoric and everything his empire stands for.


  • "The humans must learn to fear and obey the Majin Tyrant as a child would fear and obey his own father!"
  • "You are an arrogant old man and a fool!!" - to Odin
  • "I kill who I want, when I want!"
  • "Fright makes Right!!!"- Pre-battle quote
  • "You are right to fear me!"
MaJuuJin's Javelin

Saima Kiba (artist's rendition; final design may differ slightly or significantly)


  • MaJuuJin is based on the Decepticon Combiner Abominus from "Transformers".
  • He also slightly resembles Cthulhu, as well as Gargos from Killer Instinct.
  • Majuujin's javelin is (supposedly) made from the Spear of Longinus from Evangelion and the Papal Staff from Assassin's Creed II.

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