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FE7 Lyn
Name Lyn
Home World Elibe
Role Heroine
Weapon Katanas
Abilities Incredible Aim
Limit Breaks Heavenly Sword
Class Lord
Blade Lord
Status Alive

Lyndis, better known by her nickname, Lyn, is the third and final Lord acquired in the main game. Like the other two Lords, Lyn's weapon of choice is a sword. However, while Seifer wields a longsword and Sigurd uses claymores and flamberges, Lyn fights with a katana. Her beginning weapon is the Mani Katti, and her ultimate Weapon is the Sol Katti. Like the other two Lords, she Class Changes upon acquiring the Sol Katti, her best weapon. Unlike Seifer and Sigurd, who still only use swords after promotion, Lyn can fight with bows once she promotes into "Blade Lord".


In combat, Lyn can switch between either weapon (after promotion) by pressing the "command" and "jump" buttons at the same time. Lyn requires a certain distance between herself and her target to fight with bows; once the enemies are too close for bows, it's recommended to immediately switch back to swords.

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