Lyle Tiberius Rourke
Origin Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001)
Type Somebody
Role Villain
Home World Atlantis
Weapon Luger P08, Lewis Gun, Fire Axe, Bare Hands
Status Dead

Cmdr. Lyle Tiberius Roarke was the main villain of Atlantis: The Lost Empire. He used to be friends with Milo James Thatch.


We first see Rourke meeting with Milo Thatch, Sora and his team as the submarine Ulysses docking station. They plan to find the lost city of Atlantis. Hours on the sub later, they are attacked by a giant Leviathan monster. Sora and his friends hold off the monster long enough and escape with the crew. Rourke gives a funeral for the unlucky crew members then Milo and Sora help their friends navigate their way to Atlantis. Despite making camp in ruisn, it is destroyed by the fireflies and they are lost in a volcano. They are rescued by Kida and the groups reach the city. At night, Rourke requested to king Nedakh for a night's sleep in his palace. As soon as Kida, Milo and Sora are done disciphering rune underwater, Rourke and Sinclair turns on the group under orders from Maleficent. The 2 plan to sell the Heart of Atlantis. When Nedakh refuses to talk, Rourke punches him. Sora then leads thr group to the heart and Kida merges with the crystal. After a fierce duel with Helga, Rourke blows up the bridge as he leaves for the caves. After a rescue plan is made, Rourke and Sinclair prepare to take off but they are intercepted. In a huge battle with mercenaries, Milo and Donald free Kida, now empowered. She turns Sinclair into a crystallized statue and kills her then the team fights Rourke. As Rourke is about to kill Milo, the yound lad crystallizes his former friend and then Sora finishes him off.

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