Ly The Fairy
Origin Rayman 2: The Great Escape (1999)
Role Ally
Home World The Glade of Dreams
Weapon Elemental Magic
Status Alive
"Rayman, look what the pirates have done to our world...A planet of anguish and pain, haunted by evil. A dark place, teeming with fierce monsters. Nothing can stop them now that they've captured you. They've taken everything and reduced our people to slaves. The robots search for innocent prey. In the chaos, they exploded the Heart of the World. The 1000 Lums of energy which form it have been scattered. We are getting weak. Soon, it will be too late...You must escape, Rayman. You are our only hope! Wake up, Rayman, I have sent you help..."
—Ly telepathically talking with Rayman before his escape.

From The Glade of Dreams, Ly The Fairy is a fairy, and like all fairies, she possesses great powers. Unfortunately, the explosion of the Primordial Core by The Robot-Pirates has weakened her. When she has regained enough energy, she can create Silver Lums, which give amazing new powers to Rayman.

Journal Entries

First Entry

When her world was invaded by Robot-Pirates, Ly fought with Rayman and Globox to defeat them; unfortunately, she, Globox and Rayman were all captured. Before she was taken, she was able to get a Silver Lum to Globox, who later gave it to Rayman and helped him escape.

Second Entry

Imprisoned, she sends aid to Rayman through their friends and telepathic communication while she patiently waits for Rayman to rescue her. Gathering energy to form Silver Lums - which give Rayman powers - has become difficult since the destruction of The Heart of the World and she has only been able to gather a little energy.

Third Entry

After Rayman freed her, she restored his ability to grab Purple Lums, allowing him to escape The Fairy Glade and continue on his quest. Now freed, she knows the Pirates are searching for her, so stays close to The Walk of Power, where gathering energy - which she can use to defeat the Pirates - is easier. She waits patiently for Rayman to gather the four masks, and, before leaving Rayman, she informed him of a mysterious being called Polokus.

Fourth Entry

Ly has managed to gather enough energy to help Rayman escape from Beneath The Sanctury of Rock and Lava and now knows that Rayman has almost completed his mission. Hearing of Riku piqued her interest and she watches the boy from afar, knowing that he could either help Rayman save the world, or fall to Darkness and help destroy it. It also appears that she and King Mickey know each other. Just how does she know the King? Has he been here before?

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