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Luster Armageddon
 Rasutā Arumagedon)
Luster Armageddon
Strength Magic
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Luster Armageddon is a Laius's Keyblade in Kingdom Hearts Academy. Right before Laius becomes a full Heartless, Laius hands Anubis this keyblade and says to take good care of it. It is then Anubis gains the ability to Duel-Wield. As Anubis and Kayla are about to fight Master Djauxs, Luster Armageddon and Moonlit Judgement fuse to form Gemini.


This weapon is all silver, the shaft, handle and teeth being different shades. The handle's corners extend into long points and the keychain mimics the teeth which are two double-pointed arrows with two points below the arrows and one more point at the Keyblade's tip.

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