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Luna Tarot
Luna Tarot concept.jpg
Type Nobody
Role Protagonist in The Coalition Chronicles
Age 15
Home World unknown
Family Sole Tarot (brother)
Weapon bow - "Lunar Curve"
Attribute Light
Status Alive

A quirky, eccentric, and overall preppy charcter, Luna Tarot is considered by many to be the heart and soul of the Deathhead Coalition, who urges them on when hope seems lost and encourages them in battle with cheerleader-like phrases.



Joining the DhC

The War on Kami

Evolution Arc

Clone Crisis Arc

The Madman Arc

Defeating the Assassins Arc

Leaving the Coalition



Out of all the members of the Deathhead Coalition, Luna could be considered the cheerleader because it is she who urges them on during battles or a difficult mission, and often inspires them with preppy cliches and phrases. Aside from the preppyness, Luna is also a bit of a flirt, and has hit on all of the Coalition's male members except, of course, her brother. In battle, she has a never-give-up, stubborn attitude, and is actually pretty serious when it comes to fighting.

Aside from hitting on Xelak, Rez, and Spectre, Luna also enjoys dressing up and designing clothing options and outfits, and can often be seen sketching outlandish designs on a drawing pad she carries with her.


Sōkatsui: Named after a Kidō spell from Bleach, commonly used by Rukia and Byakuya Kuichiki. Luna gathers and enormous amount of Light energy into an arrow form, similar to her normal attack (although much more powerful) and fires it at an enemy. Often it breaks apart in mid-flight due to the enormous power it carries, and hits several enemies.

Limit Break

Tsukishiro: Luna's Limit Break, named after Sode no Shirayuki's first ability from Bleach. During her Limit Break, Luna creates a wide field marked by a white circle on the ground, which then bursts into blue flame and damages all enemies caught within its boundaries, similar to Xion's final "Limit Break" during 358/2 Days.


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