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Oc lumene and umbrae by 8 mister carlpanda 8-dcyl8he.png
Kana ルミナ
Romaji Rumenea
Origin Kingdom Hearts: IHTOCR/JTTCR
Original Name ?
Type Human
Role Protagonist
Age 17s in human years
Gender Female
Alignment Neutral or Good
Home World The Celestial Realm
Family Gudomlig
Weapon Sword/Bow/Spear
Attribute Light
English Voice Kari Wahlgren
Japanese Voice Eri Kitamura

Lumene (formely Lumina) is the Keyblade Teacher and the powerful sorceress, the OC (Carl Fernandez or CPanda8) She is the one of the five main protagonists of the series.

Not only she is the final and 13th Princess of Heart, she is also the keyblade apprentice of Fulmen. Later, she becomes a Keyblade Master, much to her younger sisters' envy and dismay for failing to take exams on Keyblade Mastery. She teaches citizens of Daybreak Town to study in school.

Lumina is the second Princess of Heart after Kairi to wield a Keyblade. Yet, she only the Princess of Heart to become a Keyblade Master. She uses Dark Magic without any negative effects. 

Her name means Light in Feminine Latin.


Her age is exactly akin to Aqua's. She has knee-length hair with silver-white-platinum color and streaks.


Lumene is the one whose heart is pure light, a 13th and last Princess of Heart, along with Paddra.


Lumene possesses great magic powers. She also uses dark magic without any detriment.


  • Evil dark fairy, why did you swallow and destroy the Disney worlds? (to Maleficent)
  • Sorceress of time, you distorted the time with its time compression... (to Sorceress ultimecia).
  • Students, please be careful.
  • "Fulmen, although I was your apprentice so thank you for letting me become Keyblade master."
  • "Fulmen! Please speak up! You can't die on me like this!"
  • Keyblade Warriors, here I come.
  • To Phoebus: My knight...
  • To Phoebus (before final battle in Cite Cloches): Have your armor ready!
  • To Frollo: How very cruel.
  • To Coachmaster: You are nothing but a ruthless one to abuse children. You have Hearthless in your body.
  • To Reptillus Maximus: A mystery. Don't try to threaten us. This is me, I am the Princess of Heart. Anyone inspire a spoonful of sugar?
  • To Hardscrabble: You look like me and I look like you. But our colors are so different.
  • From Hardscrabble: Your highness, Princess of Heart. At least you would be the most dreaded monster in the university. However, you have a golden heart with pure light. (Me? It preserves me from evil and darkness completely, thank you,)
  • To her students: Students, please take on studies seriously. (stance like Marry Poppins).
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