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Kana None
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Original Name Lumiara
Alias Organization XIII (KHG)
Type Human
Role Main Antagonist
Age Mid to Late 20s
Home World Karakura Town/Soul Society
Family None
Weapon Keyblade: Ultima Darkness
Attribute Flower, Darkness
Status Alive

Lumiara is one of the main antagonists in Kingdom Hearts: Generations. He is the complete being of his former Nobody Maluxia & is a member of Organization XIII (KHG).


A tall, elegant being with feminine features, Lumiara wears the basic Organization uniform of a black cloak, black boots, and black gloves. His hair is shoulder-length and rose pink with ruffles, though in Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, this color was more muted, appearing closer to light brown. Lumiara's eyes are blue and his lips are pale pink. He is usually surrounded by cherry blossom petals, which symbolize the transient nature of life and death in Japanese culture. Lumiara drops these petals whenever hit during battle, and he fades back into darkness in a flurry of petals when his Nobody was destroyed letting him become the human he once was.


Lumiara is quite deceptive in nature. Personality-wise, he is often portrayed as very arrogant and vain. Most importantly, Lumiara seems to have an obsession with his superiority over the other Organization members. Like his Nobody Marluxia, he has the ability to keep many members of the Organization under his thumb. He's a very adamant member of Organization XIII. Lumiara believes that he deserves more respect than he's given. All in all, he is a very egotistical, manipulative member of the Organization. 



Although it's not known what Lumiara's backstory is, the most common thing would be a charmer and a person of deceit.


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