Lucky News Second Special Episode

Aisaka Taiga: Hello Everyone and Welcome to the Latest Episode of Lucky News! This Episode does not have “Real Life Messages Segment” Because of the No Internet Day! This was created during Malevolence Crystalised’s wiki break! If you want to give a Message please do at Malevolence’s Talk Page! Welcome to the Second episode of! Lucky News!

Lucky News! Episode 2 – The Disappearance of Malevolence Crystalised –

Malevolence: Hello and Welcome to Lucky News! Today is our VERY special episode! This episode apparently has not Real life segments! So please do leave a message at her talk page! Hai Everyone!!!

Benevolence: ...Um.... You seem very happy...

Carjacker: Yeah...

Niko Bellic: What poison did she drink...?

Malevolence: Now let’s take some callers!

Caller: Is there any new manga in stores or Games?

Malevolence: Well Konata! They have Dante’s Inferno!

Konata: Thanks see you.

Malevolence: Okay! Bai!

Benevolence: That was quick...

Niko Bellic: Yeah...

Kyle: Is Malevolence okay...?

Naga: I guess so.

Malevolence: Next Caller!

Caller: Malevolence...

Malevolence: Caller...

Caller: Malevolence, Why are you Happy and Nice today...?

Malevolence: Malevolence? Who is Malevolence?

Benevolence: Amnesia!

Niko Bellic: No wonder she’s nice...

Malevolence: I’m Ayano Katagiri!

Carjacker: She DOES have Amnesia...

Ayano Katagiri: Hmm? Why are all of you so quiet?

Caller: I think I got my answer already so... I gotta go...

Ayano Katagiri: Soo any messages...?

Carjacker: We got no Internet.

Ayano Katagiri: Okay! Too bad!

Benevolence: I think I found myself I nicer Malevolence...

Ayano Katagiri: That’s why I got us a Visitor!

Benevolence: You did?

Ayano Katagiri: Yeah! Everyone please welcome Jason Voorhees!

Naga: NOT AGAIN!!!

Jason Voorhees: ...

Benevolence: HE LIVES!

Niko Bellic: It’s the Immortal Zombie!!!

Carjacker: Everybody run for your live!!!


Benevolence, Naga, Niko Bellic, Carjacker and Kyle run away

Ayano Katagiri: So Mister Voorhees would you like to have tea?

Jason Voorhees: Why not?

-The Episode Ends-

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