Lucid Empire

Luziden Reich (Lucidian)

Origin Original State
Capital The Imperial Capital of Walküre
Demonym Lucidian
Head of State Wilhelm I von Walküre (First Emperor, 30-13 BDC/23394-23411 EUC)

Friedrich V von Walküre (Last Emperor, 93-94 DC/23517-23518 EUC)

Head of Government Leopold von Bismarck (First Chancellor, 30-11 BDC/23394-23413 EUC)

Klaus Gysi (Last Chancellor, 94 DC/23518 EUC)

Government Federal Constitutional Monarchy (30 BDC-90 DC/23394-23514 EUC)

Fascist Dictatorship (90-94 DC/23514-23518 EUC)

Official Language Lucidian (German)
Other Languages Kalmari (Danish)

Archelonian (French)
Brunisian (Dutch)
Poloskan (Polish)
Nascitan (Czech)
Lietuvan (Lithuanian)
Frian (East Frisian/Low Saxon)
Nedderluziden (Low German)
Wendish (Sorbian)

Formation Unification of Lucidia under the Kingdom of Walküre (18 January 30 BDC/23394 EUC)
Dissolution Treaty of Lumen (1 January 94 DC/23514 EUC)
Independence Date From Lucidian Confederation
Annexation Date to Principality of Lucidia
Stories Kingdom Hearts: Confessions of a Knight


Theme Music Die Wacht am Rhein




List of Lucidian Member States


Name Capital Ruling Family
Walküre Walküre Walküre
Talisea Munchen Sayn
Ivrea Ivrea Freiherr
Sachsen Liechtenburg Scherer
Graftschaft Fürstenberg Fürstenberg
Gebet Wien Osterreich
Nascita Praha Jagiella

Grand Duchies

Name Capital Ruling Family
Hohenbaden Breisgau Freiburg
Upper Hessia Offenbach Hesse
Vorpommern-Waren Waren Vorpommern
Vorpommern-Schwerin Schwerin Vorpommern
Olnburg Olnburg Olnburg
Thuringia-Eisenach Eisenach Thuringia-Eisenach
Mons Mons Thuringia-Gotha


Name Capital Ruling Family
Rosslau Rosslau Krönlein
Braunschweig Braunschweig Fürstenberg
Thuringia-Gotha Gotha Thuringia-Gotha
Thuringia-Schmalkalden Schmalkalden Thuringia-Schmalkalden
Thuringia-Gößnitz Gößnitz Thuringia-Gößnitz
Thuringia-Ratzeburg Ratzeburg Thuringia-Ratzeburg


Name Capital Ruling Family
Lage Barntrup Lage
Ronneburg-Greiz (Elder Line) Greiz Ronneburg
Ronneburg-Gera (Junior Line) Gera Ronneburg
Bückeburg-Lage Schaumburg Lage
Schwarzburg-Saalfield Saalfield Schwarzburg-Saalfield
Schwarzburg-Roßleben Roßleben Schwarzburg-Roßleben
Ardolsen-Frankenburg Ardolsen Ardolsen

Imperial Cities

Name Capital
Hansestadt Hansestadt
Hamborg Hamborg
Trave Trave

Other Territories

Name Capital Ruling Family (if Applicable)
East Haosia Hafen Koniglich N/A
East Friesland Ems Emden
Jovia Directus N/A

List of Lucidian Emperors

Name Reign Royal House
Wilhelm I

30-13 BDC

(25023-25040 EUC)

Friedrich III

13 BDC

(25040 BDC)

Wilhelm II

13 BDC-13 DC

(25040-25066 DC)

Wilhelm III 13-40 DC Walküre
Wilhelm IV 40-50 DC Walküre
Friedrich IV 50-62 DC Walküre
Ludwig Ferdinand 62-93/105 DC Walküre

 (*Few sources regard him as the last Lucidian Emperor, even though his full reign had him regarded as Hereditary Prince of Lucidia.)

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