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Kana ルコ Luco
Original Name Lucas Phiolin
Alias Lucario
Type Human
Role Protagonist
Age 13
Home World Sandgem Town
Family Professor Eros (grandfather)
Weapon Dancer of Darkness
Attribute Light
Status Alive

Lucas is a protagonist of the story, Destiny to Come. He lives in Sandgem Town with his grandfather Eros. He is given the keyblade Dancer of Darkness by him as well.


The Awakening

Lucas has a major appearance in The Awakening. He finds Joyeux outside the lab and they bond, Lucas gives her items to help her stock up and he is a tutorial boss. He claims he is friends with Nadine, another resident of town. He helps Joyeux fight Ralor and he goes with her to find her friends and restore Twinleaf Town. When he leaves, he is kissed by Nadine, which makes Joyeux jealous, although she says she has no feelings for him.

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