Luca (ルカ)
Kana ルカ
Romaji ruka
Japanese Ru-ka
Original Name Leanarda
Alias Lu-Lu
Role The Second Key of Destiny
Gender Female
Alignment Good
Weapon Keyblade (Kingdom Key; Star seeker & Innocent Sign)
Attribute Ice (氷 Kōri)
Status Alive
Luca, the Second Key of Destiny is a Nobody of Lea and was Rank XIIIll within Organization XIII.She has the ability to use the Keyblade, and wields Galaxy, using it to direct rays that strike opponents with great power. She also commands the Samurai Nobodies along with Roxas. She is strongly like Nova, as Xigbar reveals in the Secret Reports.

Luca was also one of the mysterious hooded figures in "Another side, Another story..." and "Deep Dive". Later in this same game, Luca also acts as a minor antagonist. In Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, Luca is the second main protagonist.

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