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Lotso from Kingdom Hearts: Forever (TK2 Fan Comic Series)

Lotso Huggin Bear may have been defeated in Toy Story 3, but not dead as he was rescued by Nevel after trying to fall into lava at the dump and currently one of the Phantom Blot's Minions.

Worlds of Change

  • Ostown = Epic Mickey style Bear
  • Pride Land = Cheetah
  • Sunnycide = Teddy Bear
  • Mobius = Grizzly Bear
  • Man-Village = Boa with Teeth
  • Land of Dragons = Hun of Shan Yu


His cane and some squirt gun filled with thinner


  • Punch
  • Cane Slap
  • Thinner Blast
  • Jump

Voice Actor

Ned Beatty like in Toy Story 3.

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