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"Well, hello there! I thought I heard new voices.

Performer: Ned Beatty
Appeared in: ultimate man ,kingdon hearts the big the bad and the heartless


[hide]*1 Journal Entries

  • 2 Story
  • 3 Fighting Style
  • 4 Trivia

Journal Entries Edit

entry 1:A nice,kind pink bear that smells like stawberry's gives a group of preeschool toys a home.

entry 2-An evil bear who wants to make everyone stay at sunnyside day care.

Story Edit

Vennon appears in sunnyside and meets Losto he did terrible things to the toys and Vennon had to fight Lotso at the garbage lava dump.

Fighting Style

Lotso's fighting style is punching and jumping on you.

Trivia Edit

1.Originally Lotso was going to be faught in a giant remote controll robot.

2.The scene when Buzz goes to find Lotso to be in the butter fly room Lotso was originally going to be a boss there.

Name Lotso Huggin Bear
Type Toy
Role Boss,ally
Home World Tri-County Area
Weapon anything

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