Lost Memory
(ロストメモリー Rosuto Memorī)
"A weapon yearning to lost memories.
It provides excellent strength."
Strength Magic
+6 +0
Allen Trius
Cannibal Hit.
Complete the Land of Dreams.

Lost Memory is a weapon used by Allen Trius in Kingdom Hearts: Awakening[1]. It is obtained after clearing the Land of Dreams.


The Keyblade overall is an ivory color in varied shades, excluding only the small dash of deep red in the teeth and the Keychain, and the black in the handle and hilt. The shaft begins in two from a small heart shape on the end connecting to the handle, much like Oathkeeper, joining halfway down and ending in Ventus's repetitive fleur-de-lis, as also seen on his Station of Awakening. The handle bears the design on fully outstretched, upward-pointing angel wings. The Keychain repeats the design of the teeth, which consist of a crimson heart with a portion broken off, referring to Ventus's reawakening after the extraction of his darkness in the form of Vanitas. Around it stretches an angel wing on the right side, opposite the broken side of the heart, on which side is a slightly darker-colored flowing crest. The Keychain resembles the teeth as a winged heart.[2]


  1. Originally used by Ventus in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep.
  2. Taken from the KHWiki description.

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