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Lord Dr. Nightmare
R lord dr nightmare by earthwormhelen-d30v05n
Type Jellie Bear
Role Villain
Home World Jelliena
Weapon Dark magic and very powerful strength


Lord Dr. Nightmare was born "James Claude Bellies", 75,0000 yrs prior to the Kingdom Hearts series to Lionel Patrick Bellies and Eloise until a chemical accident.

He is among the main villain of Kingdom Hearts 3: Aqua's Journey, and to a lesser extent Kingdom Hearts 3: Rise of Chimera along with Emperor Mephiles and Dr. Vixerion. Nightmare is a villain who prefers to work by himself or with his minions of various creatures known as "Jellienians in the villainous group known to many in their homeworld as the Nightmare Regime.

Request lord dr nightmare by chibi tediz-d35u1lb

Lord Dr. Nightmare

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