Origin The Mummy Returns (2000)
Type Somebody
Role Villain
Home World Egypt
Weapon Sabre

Dagger 2 Mauser C96s

Status Dead

Lock-Nah was the brutish bodyguard of Baltus Hafez in the cultists that worship Imhotep.


Lock-Nah is first seen with Baltus Hafez's men during the dig in Hamunaptra for Imhotep. When at first the dig went wrong due to scarabs going mad on some diggers, Lock-Nah commented that the diggers were of no concern. After Imhotep is recovered, Maleficent appears and suggests they bring Imhotep to London so he can see the Anubis bracelet first hand. Lock-Nah then has the book of Amun-Ra disposed of so no one can use it against Imhotep. At the O'Connell residence, while the Sora team celebrates the recovery of the bracelet, they did not see Alex put the bracelet on. Hafez's men quickly enter the mansion and demand the bracelet. Ardeth Bey suddenly appears then a big fight breaks out. Despite Rick, Jonathan, Evy, Sora and others defeating some cultists, Evy is taken away by Lock-Nah. At the British museum, Imhotpe is risen from the grave and there are plans for Anubis's army. When Imhotep orders Evy burned, Rick, Sora and Ardeth save the girl and escape the museum, but not after dealing with some of Imhotep's undead priests. After the escape, Sora prepares to tell how the group is going to stop the Scorpion King form resurrecting, but Lock-Nah kidnaps Alex O'Connell. At the museum, Imhotep plans to kill the Scorpion King and take his army to rule the world. On the train, Alex stands strong when Lock-Nah sends him to meet Imhotep first hand. From then, Lock-Nah keeps an eagle eye on his prisoner on the search for Ahm Shere. After reaching the Ahm Shere oasis, Lock-Nah kills Ardeth's bird Horus. That night, Lock-Nah decides that Alex outlived his usefulness and intends to kill him and take the bracelet. Just as Lock-Nah was about to chop off Alex's arm with the bracelet, Sora and Ardeth duel with Lock for the final time. Ardeth and Sora avenge Horus and slay the brutish fighter. In his last moments, Lock-Nah declares Sora a plague of Imhotep.


  • Time to relieve you of that bracelet, my good son!
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