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Sure, I sense Lixota's prescence, but I can't see anything!
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Nobody PC
Kana リゾタ (Rizota)
Number V
Title The Deceitful Schemer
Weapon Lexicon; Knives
Attribute Illusion; Lightning
Original name Chisuga Kusaka
Original PC Atoli
Battle Theme 13th Reflection

Lixota, the Deceitful Schemer (うそをつく策士, Uso O Tsuku Sakushi), is the Nobody PC of Atoli and rank V among them. She wields a Lexicon and Knives to channel her power over Illusion and Lightning.


Lixota was born after Sakaki had Atoli infected with AIDA and fought Haseo with her Epitaph, Innis. Haseo won, and upon Data Draining the infected Innis, Lixota was born, appearing in the Garden of Remembrance.


Lixota retains most of her Other's features, save for her hair, which is dirty blonde and falls past her shoulders. Her bangs curve outward, slightly resembling Larxene's. She wears the standard Organization XIII Black Coat with heeled boots.


Lixota appears just as cold, ruthless, and uncaring as Larxene. She often teases Atoli, fully aware of her timid nature.

Fighting Style

Lixota uses the elements of Illusion and Lightning, and can wield Lexicons and Knives.


  • "Ugh! And to think you're my Other."
  • "You know we only have these..."feelings" because our...originals had them, right? Get real. Forget it. Out of the question. That's all she wrote. Good bye, folks!"
  • "Pfft. Good luck with that. As you are, there's no way you could pull that off."
  • "Don't talk when the Superior is speaking! Or would you like another Nobody, hmm?"