This is a list of nations used and seen in The Unsungverse.

Current Nations


Name Official Name Capital World Government Counterpart Culture
Flag of the Osean Federation.gif
Haosia Haosian Federation Disney Castle/Kingdom of Disney Federal Parliamentary Republic

United States

Osea (Ace Combat)

New Republic (Star Wars)

Flag of the Heartless Empire.png
Umbra Heartless Empire of Umbra Temnograd Absolute Monarchy

Russian Empire

Yuktobania (Ace Combat)

Kislev (Warhammer)

Flag of the Belkan Federation and the Principality of Belka.gif
Lucidia Principality of Lucidia Walküre

Parliamentary Democratic Constitutional Monarchy

Weimar Republic

German Empire

Belka (Ace Combat)

Flag of the Republic of Ustio.jpg
Jovia Republic of Jovia Diapason Federal Presidential Republic

Swiss Confederation

Ustio (Ace Combat)

Flag of the Kingdom of Leon.png
Leon Kingdom of Leon Gran León

Parliamentary Democratic Constitutional Monarchy

Kingdom of Spain

Sapin (Ace Combat)

Estalia (Warhammer)

Novara Kingdom of Novara Tamise Parliamentary Democratic Constitutional Monarchy

Kingdom of England

Albion (Warhammer)

Flag of Free France 1940-1944.svg.png
Archelonia Kingdom of Archelonia Saint Illiers Parliamentary Democratic Constitutional Monarchy

Kingdom of France

Bretonnia (Warhammer)

Kingdom of Plantagenia (UW).png
Plantagenia Kingdom of Plantagenia Saint-Alexandre Parliamentary Democratic Constitutional Monarchy

Plantagenia (Divergences)


Flag of the Federal Republic of Aurelia.jpg
Santa Aurelia Federal Republic of Santa Aurelia Griswall Federal Presidential Republic

Aurelia (Ace Combat)


Flag of the Democratic Republic of Leasath.jpg
Alendaia Democratic Republic of Alendaia Alendaia Unitary Presiential Republic

Leasath (Ace Combat)


Defunct Nations

Flag Nation Name Capital Established Disestablished Counterpart Culture
Flag of the European Union.png
Haos Republic Radiant Garden 25053 BDC 19 BDC

Galactic Republic (Star Wars)

United States of America

Haos Empire Radiant Garden 19 BDC 33 DC

Galactic Empire (Star Wars)

United States of America

Flag of the Lucid Empire.png
Lucid Empire Walküre 30 BDC 94 DC

German Empire

Beka (Ace Combat)

Flag of Germany (EU).png
Lucidian Confederation Main 86 BDC 35 BDC German Confederation
Flag of the Holy Roman Empire.png
Holy Lucidian Empire

Aquisgrana (1100-555 BDC)

Praha (555-554 BDC, 318-86 BDC)

Wien (418-318 BDC)

Regina (Legislative Capital)

1100 BDC 86 BDC

Holy Roman Empire

The Empire of Man (Warhammer)

United Kingdom of Novara-Archelonia Saint-Illiers 481 BDC 105 DC The Dual Monarchy of Anglo-France (Divergences)

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