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Origin Legend of Zelda
Alias Li
Type Hylian
Role Support Character
Age 19
Home World Hyrule
Weapon Sword/ Sheild
Status Alive

Link, the main protagonist of the LoZ series, is a support character in Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance.




Link can use both his sword and his shield for attacking. Becuase of this, he is a very well-rounded support character. He can use the default sword and shield, so can't upgrade those.


Magic Spin- During this attack, he uses his sword and sweeps it around quickly in a circle around him. This attack is best used when multiple enemies are attacking from different directions. It can be upgrded so that you use both the sheild and sword, inflicting mroe damage on the enemy.


  • During the credits, he is seen with Zelda in a church holding hands, hinting at the fact that might have been their wedding.
  • Although in the original series he can't talk, but in KH he can.


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