FFXIII-2 Lightning Artwork1
Kana ライトニング
Romaji Raitoningu
Origin Final Fantasy XIII (2009)
Original Name Claire Farron
Alias Light
Savior of the Old World's End
Lady Thor (by Loki)
Type Human / L'Cie (formerly)
Role Hero
Age 521-3 (chronologically)
21 (physically)
Gender Female
Alignment New Revengers
Home World New World of FFXIII (name unknown)
Other residences Cocoon (formerly, destroyed)
Family Serah Farron (sister)
Weapon Overture
Attribute Thunder
Status Alive
English Voice Ali Hillis
Japanese Voice Maaya Sakamoto
Claire "Lightning" Farron is a former l'Cie who has come to Neo Asgard-III, seeking vengeance on Empress Hazel.


Still being a fairly die-hard woman with a cool exterior, Lightning is now also less anti-heroic, and way more caring and trusting of Sora and his friends than she originally was of the people around her way back when she was first branded as a l'Cie. Despite her extreme persistence in taking down Hazel, she sees no problem with joining the New Revengers to help them fight their common enemy. Aside from Odin, she maintains her cautious skepticism about morally ambiguous divine beings, citing her experiences with the fal'Cie.


  • "Bring me Hazel!!!" - first line
  • "I told you, you'll pay for that!" - to Hazel
  • "Thundaga Break!!!"
  • "You didn't helps us defeat Bhunivelze, you became HIM!" - to Bahamut.

Musical Themes

Lightning's theme in Kingdom Hearts: The Third Ragnarok is called "Lightning Strikes Back!!!", a rearrangement of "Blinded by Light", the normal battle theme of Final Fantasy XIII, composed by Harry Gregson Williams, with samples of "Knight of the Goddess" from Final Fantasy XIII-2 and the scream heard in Led Zeppelin's "Immigrant Song", which also serves as an associated theme for her and the New Revengers.


  • Light's role in The Third Ragnarok is a mix of Thor and Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok. She also views Odin as sort of a mentor figure, much like how Odin is/was to his son Thor. Loki's addressing Lightning as "Lady Thor" reflects how GokaiWhite has come to think of her as more of a "gender-bend" of Thor than of Cloud in recent years, and is not intended as a reference to Jane Foster, a friend of Thor's who briefly assumed a similar moniker, at least not in the context of The Third Ragnarok.
    • She also paraphrases Thor during his arrival at Wakanda in Avengers: Infinity War, which suggests that Hazel did something horrible to her and/or her loved ones sometime between the end of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII and before the story of KH:TTR.
      • With that in mind, Lightning's vendetta against Hazel is somewhat akin to Thor's against Thanos.
  • She is also the first DLC fighter planned to appear in a potential fighting game based on another of GokaiWhite's stories, Bionic Fantasy.
    • Lightning and Noctis were not included in that story primarily to maintain emphasis on the nostalgia factor, so had she been featured in the web serial, Lightning could have been the seventh Toa Luminus, with Noctis possibly following suit as the eighth.
  • Her new Thundaga Break ability, shared with Sora, is taken (and enhanced, as the name suggests) directly from Great Mazinger's Thunder Break attack.

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