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Kana ライトニング (Raitoningu)
エクレール・ファロン (Ekurēru Faron )
Type Human
Role Ally
Home World Radiant Garden
Weapon Blazefire Saber

Lightning, also known as Claire Farron, is one of several characters that appeared in Kingdom Hearts Symphony of Memories, originally from Final Fantasy XIII. She is the older sister of Serah Farron and is one the members of the new Radiant Garden Defense Committee.


Lightning has long, light pink hair and blue eyes, like her sister Serah. She wears a light brown turtleneck shirt along with a necklace with a lightning bolt pendant underneath a white soldier uniform. There is a green metal plate over her left shoulder with two glowing yellow stripes, symbolizing her rank, a long flowing red cape attached to her back on the left side, and a brown belt around her waist. She also wears two blue gloves with gold plates over the knuckles, a long black sleeve over her left arm that begins from her bicep, and a brown mini-skirt. Her sword, the Blazefire Saber, is sheathed at her waist; there is a storage pack attached to her skirt and left leg, and she wears two knee-high leather boots.

Battle Style

Lightning takes on her Paradigm Roles, Ravager, Commando and Medic. When she is on her Limit Break, she equips Odin's Sword, much like in Dissidia 012.

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