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Type Human
Role Ally
Age 17
Home World Avastar
Family Clyde (brother)
Weapon katana that can transform into twin scimitars
Attribute Wind

Lexom is an ally and D-Link in the fan-series Avastar: Kingdom Hearts. He resides on Avastar, his hometown being Zanbar City. He is close friends with Owen Stevens, and the brother of Clyde.



Lexom's story began when he was born on The Shore, after his mother was unable to get to a hospital in time. Because of this, the coastline became a very treasured and special place to him. He visited it often, as it wasn't far from Zanbar City, the town he grew up in. As Zanbar City was the host of the Bount Exam, Lexom always witnessed battle, and it inspired him to become a warrior. He sought a master, and finally found one that could teach him swordplay. Eventually, Lexom became a master at handling his weapon, Kirikaze, a katana which could transform into twin scimitars and multiply. Eventually, he and his older brother, Clyde, participated in the rigorous Bount Exam and passed on their first try, becoming licensed Bounts. Lexom was thirteen. For most of his time, he welcomed new competitors of the Bount Exam to Zanbar City and helped them around. When he was sixteen, he attained the Examiner position, due to his renowned skills as a swordfighter, as well as his sharp wits.

Meeting Owen, and the beginning of the Exam

A couple weeks before the beginning of the Bount Exam, Lexom took a small trip to The Shore. There, he runs into Owen Stevens, also visiting the Shore. The two begin to talk, and become very close friends.


  • Lexom has traits that belong to both a Nobody and Heartless. He has golden eyes, a trait that goes with darkness-wielders, and an "X" in his name, the naming process Xemnas names his organization by. However, he is neither a Heartless or Nobody.

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