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Final Emblem Levin
Name Levin
Home World Judgral
Role Hero
Weapon Wind Tomes
Magic Wind
Abilities Continue
Limit Breaks Great Hurricane
Class Bard
Status Alive

Levin is a character from Fire Emblem 4, and his class is "Bard", meaning that, like Mages, he fights almost entirely with magic, but unlike a Mage, he has much greater speed. As far as magic goes, Levin is one of the most powerful of all units acquired in-game, especially once he acquires his Holsety Tome, which is at least three times more powerful than any other weapon he can use. Levin, like Aira, can be promoted at the player's Base on any map and at any time, so long as he is already at LV30. However, it's recommended to wait until he reaches LV40, so that he gets some extra growth. As a Sage, Levin's magic is much more powerful, and he also gains knowledge of rudimentary Fire, Thunder, Light, and Healing magic.

He's also a notorious dick to his children unless he marries best girl Tiltyu.

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