Origin Spider Man (1978(Tokusatsu))
Alias Marveller (spaceship mode)
Type Robot / Spaceship
Role Summon, Transport
Home World Planet Spider
Other residences Earth
Family Toku Spider Man (Pilot, Owner)
Weapon Sword Vigor
Status Active

Leopardon is the giant robot of Toku Spider Man. It transforms from a spaceship called Marveller. Because it is near invincible, or at least far more powerful than it looks, Leopardon was sealed in a cave after Toku Spidey used it to defeat Professor Monster. In the wake of Demonizer's mass invasion, Toku Spidey is trying to find and reactivate Leopardon before the evil empire can abuse it's awesome power.

Battle Fever Marveller

Battle Fever Robo can stand on top of Marveller as if it were a hover-board to form Battle Fever Marveller. Battle Fever Robo wields both it's and Leopardon's swords, unleashing far-ranged energized slashes, and can also execute the Marvel Fever Finisher, an energized cross slash performed while flying toward the opponent at max speed.


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