Origin Final fantasy VIII
Original Name Squal Leonhart
Alias Leon
Type Human
Role Supporting Protagonist
Home World Radiant Garden
Weapon Gunblade
Attribute Fire
Status Alive
Leon, real name Squall Leonhart, is a supporting character in Darkness and Light. He and Cloud are the ones who found Hikari after she was sent to Radiant Garden by Ulmia, and has since become somewhat of a protector of the girl, especially during the first story arc.


In Darkness and Light Leon appears as he does in Kingdom Hearts II, meaning medium length light brown hair with sidesweapt bangs, a black short sleeved jacket with a fur collar and a white undershirt, black apparently leather pants, with several belts just below his waist, black gloves, and the scar across the bridge of his nose. The only major difference is that over said scar he has a large burn mark inflicted by a Dark Firaga spell, which extends from the lower part of his forehead to the tip of his hose, and across his eyes.

While not visible at most times Leon wears armor plating underneath his clothes for extra protectionn.




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