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Lenneth Valkyrie
Kana レナス・ヴァルキュリア
Romaji Renasu Varukyuria
Origin Valkyrie Profile
Original Name Valkyrie
Type Aesir
Role Ally
Age 20s in human years
Gender Female
Alignment Neutral or Good
Home World La Cité des Cloches/Farplane/Valhalla
Family None
Weapon Sword/Bow/Spear
English Voice Megan Hollingshead
Japanese Voice Yumi Touma
Lenneth is a character who is originally from Valkyrie Profile. In KH: ITHOTCR she helps Phoebus to rescue Yeul with Prishe and deals with Claude Frollo and Garland. Her loyalty towards Fulmen will link with Aqua and the good people they would for. She is the supporter of The Warriors Of Cosmic Light. Oftentimes, she is seen in City Of Corona in Tangled. She is also a playable party member...


  • Warriors!
  • Imperius, we have reports! (To Imperius)
  • I will be with your side. (To 5 Keyblade Warriors/Reinhardt/Aqua/Yen Sid)
  • I sense evil. (To Maleficent/Kefka)

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