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Laykah Abendstern
Type Human
Role Apprentice of the Order of the Key
Age 13
Home World Radiant Gardens (native to Twilight Town)
Weapon "Fenrir" Keyblade
Attribute Magnet

Laykah Abendstern is a character in Kingdom Hearts: Enigma Pacman, and a member of the Order of the Key. She is very energetic and enthusiastic but clumsy girl who wields a Keyblade. She was the last to be brought into the Order of the Key. She utilizes "Gather" magic in battle to compensate for her clumsiness.


13 years ago, a small baby was found on the doorstep of the Twilight Town orphanage. She was given the name "Laykah" and was raised by the ex-fighter who helped running the orphanage. Roughly half a year ago, she was teleported to a very strange place when she fell off the great clock tower. There, she had to fight a giant shadow creature with her newly-found Keyblade. Eventually, she defeated the shadow and woke up in her orphanage bed, with the Keyblade lying beside her. Almost a week later, she was taken off to Lock's Fortress by Omicron, where she learned how to use the Keyblade to fight the shadow that threatens to devour the worlds.


Guard: reflects any attacks and projectiles

Serenade: Dashes right into the enemy, knocking it back.

Wild Crush: Crashes into the enemy and knocks it into the air (finisher).

Downcut: Vertical slash that knocks enemies into the ground (air combo finisher)

Negative Combo: Decreases the number of hits in any combo by one.

Negative Air Combo: Decreases the number of hits in an Air Combo by one.

Grave Marker: Repeatedly teleports above an enemy and stabs down (limit).

Gatherer-Form Abilities:

Auto Gather: Automatically draws enemies near Laykah.

Magnet Splash: Executes a 360° horizontal slash that knocks enemies back (finisher).

Vertical Splash: Executes a 360° vertical slash that knocks enemies back (air combo finisher).

Negative Combo: (x2) Decreases the number of hits in any combo by one.


  • "Waaaaaaaah!" (Serenade)
  • "OOOOOOOOOH- oomph!" (Wild Crush)
  • "Dooooooown!" (Downcut)
  • "UH!" (every hit of Grave Marker)

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