Role ally
Game(s) KH3 Chapter I

KH3 Chapter II

Home World
Katakana ラウリカン
English Voice
David Vincent

Laurikane is one of the main protagonists of KH III Chapter I & II.He has dark yellow hair and is a bit longer than Riku.Despite for being one of the good guys who cares about the future`s safety he can be a bit boastfull and considers himself to be better than both Sora and Riku mostly because he is older than them and have more keyblade powers and more skill since he got the keyblade since he was around 10 and started to train with it since.

History Edit

Laurikane grew up home in the village of Oden near a lake.He learned that he is one of the 3 protectors of balance when he got the keyblade when he was around 10.Since then he started to train with it.When he was 16 his true adventure started.His quest to stop Lord Xeon-Azathrem and Kefka Palazzo,from rescurrecting Both young and And Master Xehanort to one Lord Xehanort by Kidnapping Prince Akomen (who is also one of the 3 protectors of Balance) and Kairi to use them to sacrifice them to recurrect Xehanort to one master of darkness.