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Kana ラクシーヌ
Origin Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Original Name Anerel
Alias The Savage Nymph
Type Nobody
Role Protagonist
Age 21
Home World Dimension 1.2
Family Xaslamach (husband), Kira (daughter)
Weapon Knives
Attribute Lightning
Status Alive

Larxene The Savage Nymph is a main character in Kingdom Hearts: Foul Remembrance. She was accidentally awakened from her pod that Namine made, so she joined the party. She controls the Psychic nobodies.

Journal Entires


"A nobody originally from the Organization. Her pod was accidentally opened, so she had to join the party. Her lightning-fast attacks will leave you motionless and speechless. Watch out for her sharp knives and her even sharper tougue."


Larxene has teal eyes and a fairly healthy skin tone. Her hair is shoulder-length and blonde, and has her trademark "antennae" pieces of hair that stick out from the rest of her hair. She usually wears her Organization coat, but when she's not, she wears a short navy blue dress that is covered in white markings and has a cut in the front to show a white dress that looks kind of like Namine's. On the jagged sleeves are silver nobody symbols.




While in Plagiarist XI

Joining the Party

When Xaslamach trapped her so that Namine could make her Aqua Pod, she still had power bottled up inside her. During a meeting in Where Almost Nothing Converses, the power was released, breaking the pod. She awoke with a start and wandered around the Hideout until she got to WANC. During this period in the game, you get to play as her. Due to the fact that she has in a pod filled with water, she was soaking wet when she stumbled into the room. Xid jumped up, grabbing the weak body of Larxene. Being asleep for a short amount of time still had a negative affect on her. Being in this state, you don't get to play as her for a while.


The only weapons she can use are knives that attach to her knuckles, much like how Xid's claws come out of her knuckles.




  • "What more did you expect?" (Any friend battle)
  • "Whoops. I tripped!" (Any instant KO)
  • "I should really stop being so awesome!" (Any boss)
  • "I broke the toy... My bad!" (Any enemy)
  • "Looks like I won again loser!" (Any friend battle)


  • "Loser..." (Any friend battle)
  • "How could I lose to the likes of that?" (Any enemy)
  • "Damn!" (Any boss)
  • "How...?" (Any instant KO)


  • "Take this!" (Before powerful attack)
  • "Just my type!" (When fighting water-based enemy)
  • "I'll break you losers!" (Any group of enemies)
  • "Pika! Um- I mean, Lightning!" (When fighting with Pikachu and casting Lightning)
  • "Never was a fan of those..." (When fighting water-based Pokemon or normal enemy)


  • Marluxia and her are the only original Organization XIII members available for play


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